For years, Wall Street and "informed" business media outlets have viewed staffing as an ignoble profession — a low value business that can be easily replicated, automated and commoditized. Big words, but what these broad brushes of business jargon miss is the inherent humanity of our profession.

Providing a service that delivers skilled technologists to companies who are struggling for market share, profits, milestones and breakthroughs is a thoughtful and purposeful enterprise. Each day it is our purpose to employ technologists, support our clients and create a work environment of respect, dignity and collaboration. Lofty goals, but a simple purpose: finding work for those who have none, finding talent for those in need.

There is no doubt that technology and automation have helped staffing to become more efficient. What is not in doubt is the positive impact a great recruiter makes for the candidates they represent. There is no doubt that an account executive who views a clients' goals as their own is an invaluable and irreplaceable resource. Staffing is a people business. ConsultNet's people make the difference in staffing.

If you're a technologist that needs employment, a company that needs superior technical talent, or a staffing professional looking for significant growth opportunities the choice is clear,the choice is ConsultNet.

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