Claus Nielsen, International Manager, Health and Welfare Technologies, DELTA

Session Description: The U.S. healthcare system is experiencing a paradigm shift where IT will completely transform the way we deliver care and communicate with our peers and our patients.  While the next several years will usher in a new era of healthcare in this country, we can look to our allies in Europe for guidance, lessons learned, and a vision of what a “eHealth Nation” will look like. During this visionary and thought provoking session, we will hear from a leading Health IT expert from Denmark who will share his personal and professional experiences with us and paint a picture of what our healthcare system could look like and how we can realize the most from the Billions which we are investing in Health IT.

Learning Objectives:

·     Hear a vision of what a digitally connected healthcare system looks like and operates.
·     Discuss the various operational, tangible and intangible changes we can expect as we modernize our healthcare system.


Media: Video Presentation

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