The Digital Health group is dedicated to advancing knowledge and building relationships between professionals interested in the super-convergence taking place between the digital revolution and health, writ large. The group serves as the nexus for the global digital health ecosystem. In addition to medicine and healthcare, the group’s purview encompasses consumer-focused sports, fitness, and wellness solutions, which can be considered preventive medicine.

As enumerated by Dr. Eric Topol in his book, "The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care", the eight digital super-convergence–elements are:

  • Wireless Sensors and Devices 
  • Genomics (A, C, G, T = digital) 
  • Social Networking 
  • Mobile Connectivity and Bandwidth 
  • Imaging 
  • Health Information Systems 
  • The Internet 
  • Computing Power and the Data Universe (Big & Cheap Data:


Also, here’s an infographic showing the march toward increasing medical benefits achieved via digital health: