Transforming the Healthcare Industry through IT: Looking Beyond EHR

The application of Information Technology to the healthcare industry has the potential to completely transform healthcare by exponentially improving the quality of care that patients receive while creating sustainable, long-term efficiencies that will save billions of dollars. To meet this challenging-yet-attainable goal, it is imperative for executive Health IT stakeholders to engage in visionary, forward looking dialogue in order to

  • (a) understand and anticipate the needs of clinicians, patients and business users, 
  • (b) discuss how IT can meet these needs and 
  • (c) develop a common vision and strategic direction for the future of healthcare.

The HTRAC Council Meeting brings together Health IT executives for peer-to-peer collaboration, information exchange, and networking focused on the most important, high-impact issues for true transformation of the healthcare community. Through interactive sessions, boardroom meetings, think tanks and case studies, executive attendees will share knowledge and strategies on how technologies, processes and policies must be modernized to usher in a new era of healthcare.

HTRAC is creating a common vision for the future of healthcare.