(Video) The Biggest Threat to Transformation: The Human Factor

March 2014 HTRAC Midwest Council Meeting


  • Information/Data Sharing 
  • Big Data / Informatics 
  • Cloud Computing 
  • Data Integrity & Security 
  • Population Management
  • Interoperability 
  • mHealth 
  • Privacy 
  • Telemedicine 
  • Access Management 
  • Compliance 
  • HIE
  • ACOs

John Mattison
John Mattison Chief Medical Information Officer
Kaiser Permanente


Chief Medical Information Officer at Kaiser Permanente


John is a serial innovator and CMIO, practiced critical care, preventive medicine, trauma medicine, hyperbaric medicine, endocrinology and primary care. He credits his world class Informatics team for their extraordinary accomplishments in the largest region of KP, where they led the first deployment of KP’s HealthConnect, with HIMSS level 7 at every hospital, and he was awarded the first “Game Changer” by Health Data Management. He co-founded and chaired the XML TC in HL7 that created the CDA and CCD, was the first clinician member of the SNOMED International Board, is active in NwHIN CC (aka HealtheWays), CCC and San Diego Beacon, a member of ONC’s TEP for Patient Generated Health Data, led KP’s donation of our CMT to NLM and IHTSDO, including ‘patient-friendly’ terms, on the board of Open mHealth, actively advocates a patient centric mobile app ecosystem and avatars to create a “behavioral symphony for wellness”. He teaches HIT, Health Policy and Leadership courses at UCSD, Singularity U, BRC and multiple other universities, keynotes or hosts HIT conferences nationally and internationally, publishes widely in scientific journals, contributes to reports in WSJ, Forbes, Modern Healthcare, is an Editor for Clinical Innovation and Transformation, and a charter member of both KP and ONC innovation boards.

HealthTech Speaking Presentations:

The Biggest Threat to Transformation: The Human Factor

The Biggest Threat to Transformation: The Human Factor


John Mattison, Chief Medical Information Officer, Kaiser Permanente
Jessica Jorgensen, Senior Strategist, Healthcare – Emerging Markets, NetApp
Dr. Timothy C. Birdsall, Chief Medical Information Officer, Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Robert Sheesley, Sr. Director, Enterprise Architecture Lead Strategy, Innovation & Architecture, Mylan
Jim Hauenstein, CIO, Enloe Medical Center
Steve Heilman, VP and CMIO, Norton Healthcare

Session Description: People are at the very core of every organization, every process, and every program. And the ‘people impact’ occurring from the transformation resulting from healthcare IT has become undeniable. In this session, insights will be gained from senior executives who have successfully overcome the challenges related to managing such organizational transformation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Educating and receive approval from the Organization’s Executives on the Challenge
  • Educate Your Organization: What is Driving Transformation
  • Building a Sustainable High Performance Team throughout the Life Cycle of a Long Transformational Project
  • Rolling the DICE
  • A Critical Element: Diagnosing Resistance