Sometimes, a conversation around a coffee table leads to extraordinary things. Brought together by a vision of improving current technology to better address the Big Data marketplace, a small group of industry professionals sought to answer one simple question: How can we use technology to transform the way we use data and drive actions resulting in improvements? The animated discussion that followed was the birth of SRG Technology.

SRG Technology is a company that makes data meaningful – a place where ideas and collaboration give rise to inspired changes. Whether you are an agency, an institution, a health-care provider, or an individual, SRG Technology addresses your technology needs with the innovative thinking and fresh approach necessary to move forward in the modern world.

Our goal is to ultimately empower our customers to make better use of data, and we have the technology to make that a reality. Teaching and LearningHealthcare and Public Safety, are all areas in which the possibilities of growth are endless…with the right tools. And, at the center of our company, the right people.

On the face of it, our team doesn’t look like your typical corporate line-up. Made up of physicians, educators, executive police administrators, firefighters, former School Board members, public safety administrators, health-care executives, businessmen and women, and technology experts, our market-driven team of individuals each has the diverse experience and unique insight to develop technology that targets the areas where our clients seek innovation. And it keeps our meetings interesting.

Our technical staff allows us to complete the full cycle of making data relevant to users, creating a compelling interface that enables users to interact with our system. With experience providing IT solutions to some of the largest institutions in the country, we understand the various audiences we serve and the diverse technologies that are available to support stakeholders’ needs. We provide REAL solutions to REAL problems. Contact us to discuss your vision for your companies’ future—be a part of something different.

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