Rick Moore, CIO, National Committee for Quality Assurance
Tammy Gregory
VP of Quality and Health IT, American Heart Association
Victoria Richardson
RN-BC, Clinical Informatics Manager, Bon Secours Health Systems, St. Mary’s Hospital

Session Description: Although most of the current focus on the benefits of Health IT focus on improved efficiency, reduced errors, and lower costs, perhaps one of the greatest values IT investments will bring are a way for us to measure quality and identify areas for improvement.  This marriage of quality improvement and Health IT is a critical step in the modernization of our healthcare system and has the potential to dramatically transform our understanding of how well we care for patients and what we can do to improve that care.  During this session, we will discuss how to tie Health IT initiatives and healthcare data to quality improvement initiatives by focusing on measurements, metrics, and creating action items from the analysis of our findings.

Learning Objectives: 

·     Learn how to tie Health IT data to quality improvement initiatives.
·     Discuss how to use standards and existing programs to enhance your own quality improvement activities.
·     Learn about the role information sharing plays in the process.


Media: Video Presentation